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Tamara Har­ri­son's designs are indi­vid­ual and uncon­ven­tional, cov­eted as wear­able and acces­si­ble art.

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Tamara Harrison
Tamara Harrison
6 years 7 months
Qualified Florist/Lecturer

From uncon­ven­tional inspi­ra­tion comes work that is highly indi­vid­ual; no two Tamara Har­ri­son pieces fol­low the same path to life. A con­sid­ered approach to design and func­tion results in detailed pieces that betray the artists highly skilled hands.

This bal­anced approach helps Tamara dis­til orig­i­nal design from the every­day, cre­at­ing pieces that are cov­eted as wear­able and acces­si­ble art, and that con­vey a story about their cre­ation or inspiration.

Tamara’s start in jew­ellery design.
I have grown up in cre­ative sur­round­ings and made my first piece of jew­ellery as a child (think huge Fimo ear­rings!) but the real pas­sion came when my Nana passed and I received her tin of but­tons. It inspired in me a desire to show off these trea­sures and keep Nan close to my heart. I exper­i­mented with var­i­ous styles that would show­case, not only the but­tons, but other beads, bits and bobs. After many, many hours per­fect­ing the tech­nique the woven pieces were born. After mak­ing one for myself in every colour and being stopped in the street by peo­ple want­ing to know where I got my neck­lace, the Tamara Har­ri­son Design busi­ness was born.

Did you know that Tamara has a twenty year back­ground in Floristry with 12 of those years lec­tur­ing in the sub­ject? On this note Tamara Har­ri­son Design is proud to launch a new ‘child’ to the fam­ily — Bridal flow­ers and Jewellery.

Like her jew­ellery col­lec­tions Tamara’s flow­ers are unique, well designed and truly beau­ti­ful. Bet­ter still get Tamara to help with the styling of your event.

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